The Why?s Man

"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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Diesel engines never seem

quite compatible to steam

or even electricity.


Alien to a railway track

blue exhaust and no smokestack

no wet steam or smoke that's gritty


Even the electric train

is cleaner though it's very plain

its appearance is a pity.


Why did they have to supercede

steam engines charging at full speed

on every inter-city?


George Wyllie's Straw Locomotive lives on in the memory of many who saw it, and it was one of his many scul?tures featuring trains. His love of trains had developed as a boy, and he would have witnessed the massive locomotives being transported along the streets of Glasgow to the Finnieston Crane. He made locomotive scul?tures large and small and even paid homage to toy train makers, Hornby.

The Straw Locomotive
On Pulling Down a Straw Statue

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