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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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"A spire celebrates the place in which it stands." GW

Scottish Parliament Garden (2012)

George Wyllie, particularly later in his career as a sculptor was very interested in spires and in balance and equilibrium. He described the simplicity of the spire as 'essential', with its mechanism and its art stripped back to the very basic, so that the stone being cradled could take centre place, with science and nature balanced. He talked about it celebrating the place in which it stood and having no importance beyond that.

Wyllie erected spires in many places, for examples, in 1986 on Rannoch Moor, to commemorate the visit of Joseph Beuys to Scotland and his influence there; in 1989, on the island of Lewis (7 Spires of Lewis); and then in 1994, in Ireland. Touring its 32 counties, he created his 32 Spires for Hibernia, an installation which ran across the Irish border in the hope of uniting the people of the country.


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