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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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32 Spires for Hibernia involved George Wyllie, and Kenny Munro, in travelling through the 32 counties of Ireland, 26 in the south and 6 in the north, gathering sticks and stones from each country in order to create a spire to represent that place.

What they needed to create each spire was... "three branches, two straight ones at 9ft and 4ft, and another 4ft forked one, plus a stone the size of a pigeon."

These sticks and stones would then be turned into spires, with the focus on air, stone, equilibrium and understanding, and placed in a line, spanning the Irish border close to Londonderry. Writing for the Scotsman, George Wyllie explained what he had been trying to do and how he had done it, in his own diary account of the making of the 32 Spires for Hibernia.

Back in Scotland, in the summer of 1994, no gallery was willing to exhibit the controversial 32 Spires during the Edinburgh Festival, so they were housed on the roof of the Demarco Gallery during the week,being associated with Bridging the Gaps at the Demarco European Arts Foundation, and put on public display at Calton Hill, in Edinburgh on Sundays during the Festival.

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