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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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The George Wyllie Education Initiative website

This website investigates three of the themes which recur in George Wyllie's work - boats; trains; birds - have been described and illustrated.

Three additional pieces of his work have been outlined in detail - Stones of Scotland; 32 Spires for Hibernia; The Difference of Hiroshima.

And, examples of three additional media in which he also worked have been included - drama; music; words.

The website also contains biographical information about George Wyllie and descriptions of his work in his own words.

There is a range of images and details about work not relevant for the themes considered elsewhere.

Scottish artists, dramatists, writers and musicians have outlined how he has influenced their work.

A selection of press coverage on his work has also been included.


The George Wyllie Archive

Over 750 photographic images of George Wyllie's work are also available for educational use.

Scottish teachers can access the archive in the secure area using their Glow username and password.


Linking with other schools online

Dedicated Glow Meet and Glow Chat areas have also been created so that schools can work together.

Scottish teachers can access these in the secure area using their Glow username and password.


Clydeside Industries

Shipbuilding and locomotive building on the Clyde are themes and concerns at the heart of much of Wyllie's work.

Weblinks to other sites which have relevant information and images have also been identified and listed.


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