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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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P6 in St Ninian's Primary was working right up to the last moment when its boat was collected to be taken to the Boat Shed at the exhibition and what a beautifully crafted vessel the pupils made. Well worth the work!

They had decided that 'views of Gourock' would be the theme for their boat, their own hometown and where George Wyllie lived and worked for so many, many years.

The sails of the boat are covered in photographs of the Gourock coast, many with further boats and ships on the Clyde. The mast is a large question mark and, if you look carefully, you'll realise that it's made of lots and lots of words. They all say "George Wyllie'.

There are lots of other details to discover in this boat. Inside, it's full of smaller boats, made by individual pupils, with different views of the town drawn on them, as well as famous Wyllie scul?tures. The lifebelts, on both sides, feature George Wyllie and the P6 pupils themselves.

And proudly printed on the plaque on the stern of the boat, is the proclamation, "Made in Gourock".

This is a wonderful ship and well worth all that work the pupils put in, right up to the last moment!

Some of the pupils were so enthralled by George Wyllie's work that they visited his house and talked to his daughter. Pupils from P6 St Ninian's also took part in the guided tour of the exhibition for Cabinet Secretary, Michael Russell.


Pupil from St Ninian's PS guiding Cabinet Secretary round exhibition

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