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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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St Andrew's Secondary, Glasgow runs a drama club, a group of very committed S2 and S3 pupils who set about working on a dramatic presentation inspired by George Wyllie and his work.

They spent the time investigating the artist, finding out about him and his work, listening to the Paper Boat Song, and discussed their own ideas, suggesting how those ideas might be presented, who would do what, what technology they'd need at the venue.

The venue was the Mitchell in Glasgow where the pupils were to perform their presentation at the Glasgow Schools' Reception. The pupils worked through their lunch-breaks, and after school rehearsals as they turned a poem - which they had decided would form the narrative - into a drama. Great ideas, great discussions and they certainly going to made it work.

Meanwhile, in the Art & Design department, S3 pupils created a very solid paper boat scul?ture and S1 pupils created the designs to decorate it.

St Andrew's Secondary performs at the Glasgow Schools' Reception

St Andrew's pupils @ the Press Preview

Paper boat by St Andrew's Secondary

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