The Why?s Man

"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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Pupils in Drama classes in Port Glasgow HS, Inverclyde worked together from various year-groups to create their paper boat for the exhibition.

Inside it are lots and lots of individual paper boats, also made by the pupils, with wee messages written on them.


As well as investigating George Wyllie and his Paper Boat with the classes, their drama teacher is also considering how to explore a particular Wyllie sculpture, 32 Spires for Hibernia, with pupils.- This was an installation that the artist created with sticks and stones from every county in Ireland - 26 in the South and 6 in the North - as a visual reminder that balance and equilibrium were needed to overcome sectarian difficulties. Pupils being may go on to create their own dramatic presentations, with 32 Spires for Hibernia as the stimulus for their work.

32 Spires for Hibernia

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