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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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Pupils in P6/P7 in Meadowburn PS, East Dunbartonshire have been learning about George Wyllie and have created their own paper boats for the Last Launch. One of the boats represents the pupils as part of the fleet in the Boat Shed.

Meadowburn PS is also the Gaelic school within East Dunbartonshire and pupils created their boats and included messages on them, sometimes in English and sometimes in Gaelic.

They also learned that George Wyllie had created work such as his Tweed Tram and Tweed Bicycle, while he was working in Lewis with An Lanntair. George Wyllie was very interested in the Gaelic language and he also created Seven Spires of Lewis, and on a lighter note, his Letterbox Project in Lewis in 1991.

Meadowburn pupils also took part in the visit of Michael Russell to the exhibition, guiding him round and explaining Wyllie's work to him in Gaelic.

Meadowburn pupil explains George Wyllie's spires to Mr Russell

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