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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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This fabulous paper boat was created by S1 pupils, Rebecca Gaudi and Andrew Taylor of Lenzie Academy, East Dunbartonshire.

Complete with golden anchor, a colourful link metal chain, school flags flying high and a beautifully crafted figure-head of a bird, the boat is the lead boat in a whole flotilla which arrived from Lenzie Academy to join the fleet.

Many of the Lenzie boats are in the school's green and gold colours and they make quite a spectacular collection. They were created by pupils in their art and design classes and the way in which the pupils are interpreting and adapting George Wyllie's work and themes is very evident and effective. They've taken his style - and his sense of fun - and made it their own in their almost-Viking-style boats.

Nice detail in the figure-head and the anchor. George Wyllie's love of birds, a recurring theme in his work, is there in the bird at the bow, and his use of everyday items, recycling them is reflected in the anchor with its paperclip chain.

Lenzie flotilla on display

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