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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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P2/1, Dalry Primary School

P2/1 at Dalry Primary, North Ayrshire have been making paper boats and in the words of their teacher...

"What a great afternoon! Five and six year olds and they loved it.
We sang the 'Paper Boat Song' and enjoyed the music too."

Can't you just see the excitement and pride in those faces as they hold up their boats?

All the classes from P1 to P7 took part in a Wyllie Week, and as well as making their own boats, P7 worked as a team to create the school's paper boat for the Mitchell exhibition.

Boat created by Dalry PS for the Boat Shed

Dalry pupil guiding Cabinet Minister round the exhibition

Dalry Primary visits the exhibition

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