The Why?s Man

"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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At Arthurlie Family Centre everyone likes outdoor learning and when they heard about George Wyllie and his Paper Boat, and started to make their own, it was to their garden that they went for inspiration, gathering sticks for the frame and the masts.

When they started to create their own Wyllie-esque, Viking-inspired boat, one of the wee girls said that she thought the sails looked liked bananas. And everyone agreed.

So, they had a good time singing Bananas in Pyjamas as they worked on their boat and they gave their boat a name... The Big Banana Boat.

At four years old, he children at Arthurlie Family Centre, who made the boat, as well as the individual boats from actual bananas, are the youngest children to take part in the George Wyllie Education Initiative.

They also visited the exhibition and placed their Big Banana Boat in the Boat Shed.

Arthurlie Family Centre children visit the exhibition

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