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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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P5 at All Saints Primary School, Inverclyde started off by finding out about George Wyllie by using the online archive and then they made paper boats to be included in the Last Launch.

The class decided to create a big boat together, making special stamps, like these ones, to print images of George Wyllie's scul?tures on their boat. Then they journeyed north to Glasgow to the exhibition to place the boat on display in the Mitchell, checking out the Big Clyde Question Marks as they went.

Back at the school, the pupils made a video in which each pupil talked about what they saw at the exhibition.

But P5's work wasn't done yet because the pupils had discovered that a sculpture near the school was made by George Wyllie and that it had been vandalised. The class decided to adopt the Monarch of Auchmountain Glen, a stag made from girders, commemorating shipbuilding in Greenock, and they set about convincing the local council and housing association to help.

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