The Why?s Man

"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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By Liz Lochhead

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...Who was the young sailor

who walked in a place of ash and char, fused glass, bone?

Who saw that, aye, rocks do melt wi' the sun

and let pulverised granite run through his fingers

like the Sands of Time Shall Run?

(The name of the place was


and in the middle of the word

was the hugest question-mark.)

...Who wishes to avoid Incorrect Assumptions leading to

False Conclusions?  Wants us to question mark,

yen, buck, pound?


Who in A Day Down A Goldmine asked us to resist

the Golden Fleece, the Big 'I-con'

that would swizz us all to sell our souls?


Berlin Burd

faced an absurd


(Which the bird keeked over

and The Wall keeled over.)

...Who, one Christmas, made

gorgeous guano-free robins

cheep in George Street, Edinburgh,

more multitudinous

than were starlings once in Glasgow's George Square

...Whose spires inspire us,

unquestionably celebrate?


What the devil was the de'il

wha danced away wi the exciseman?

(Art did! Art is the very devil that danced

awa wi the exciseman.)


Extracts from "A Wee Multitude of Questions for George Wyllie" by Liz Lochhead

Reproduced with permission

George Wyllie Education Initiative

Managed by Media Matters Education Consultancy