The Why?s Man

"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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Foreword to My Words,

George Wyllie's Essays for ARTWORK


"George Wyllie has become an institution in Scotland. If it wasn't such a hackneyed term you'd be tempted to say he was an icon.

(Memo to George: a piece on icons?)

Yet for many years for me there was something of a question mark over the man. It was, I suppose, put here by him with his scul?tural innovations. Very clever, but.

That was when I didn't know him. I really got to know George Wyllie when I sought his help in STORM'S campaign to save the Fort William sleeper. His response was typical: immediate and enthusiastic agreement; passionate support for the cause; a witty and hard-hitting image - which was reproduced around the world. And the whole venture realised from conception to actuality in a week, on a budget of little more than thin air.

But Wyllie has a winning way with words as well as images. They work for him just as powerfully as does his inspired line.

In his essays the two can be seen acting together in perfect harmony."


Bill Williams

ARTWORK, (1997)

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