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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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George Wyllie's irreverent and witty production of A Day Down A Goldmine left me with the phrase 'Be suspicious' emblazoned in my memory. Several years on, in his examination of the way in which Adam Smith's treatise 'Wealth of Nations' was exploited by those with the economic power, his work appears more timely and relevant than ever in the current political and economic climate. Clearly, a shrewd man was George, ahead of the game, and not afraid to say what he thought about a thing.

Working on the show also introduced me to his incredible sculptures that encompassed all the key ingredients of what makes worthwhile art so accessible and enduring to others - a unique, and interesting way of looking at the world with truth, humour and compassion.

Mostly, I remember, the fun of bringing the show to life. It required plenty of jaunty musical interludes and an abundance of funny facial expressions. God Bess George, it was a blast!


Robyn Hunt

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