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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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For many in Scotland, George Wyllie is a national icon. If he were living in Japan, he would be regarded as a 'national treasure'. He is an artist with a predilection to philosophise on the nature of the artist's role in today's society so obviously controlled by The God of Mammon. He is also an artist who dares to bridge the gap in Scotland which separates the worlds of the performing and visual arts, and link them both with literature.

My personal memories include George Wyllie enjoying dinner prepared for him by Joseph Beuys and his wife, Eva, in their Duesseldorf home. Another memory is of George and I travelling together, our journey to Sarajevo where he made a site-specific sculpture as his contribution to an exhibition celebrating a Bosnian-Scottish cultural dialogue.

I remember a dinner conversation in the house of Cordelia Oliver, with Margot Sandeman, her fellow student of painting at Glasgow School of Art in the 1940s; together with George Wyllie, they personified all that I respect in the Post-War art world of Glasgow.


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