The Why?s Man

"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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138 words!


Global and local

Profound and silly

Real and surreal

With his Running clocks, trams with wings

And giant nappy pins - just in case!

Old and wise and young and innocent

Earthbound and skywards looking

Thought big and small Poet, playwright, scul?tor

Singer, dancer, musician

Made an art out of questioning everything

Loved burds

And ruffling feathers

Making things from paper

And steel

Unafraid to let his work go up in flames

And treasure the ashes afterwards

Sailing the seas in a paper boat

Using only a happy compass

Which brought him home to Daphne

Championed the underdog

Liked to get everyone involved

Banjo playing, fun loving, fish and chip eating everyman

Always wondering about it all

Lived and worked by the river

Unlikely to sum up anything in 140 words, least of all his own amazing career


Pauline McLean

And George Wyllie in 140 characters?

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