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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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George Wyllie spotted my sculpture inspired by ecologist Patrick Geddes in 1989 and this cemented a 20 year friendship. I was lucky to work with him, and his soul-mate Daphne, and we developed many schemes together in their place in Gourock. An expedition often lay at the heart of things. We travelled to London, to Berlin and to France. The idea for 32 Spires for Hibernia, formed by touring the 32 counties and culminating in an installation across the Irish, started there. Stones of Scotland grew out of these experiences and George, Lesley-May Miller and I worked, with many other folk, to achieve it. George reminded me that creativity is part of all of us, using our human energy and working together, ideally outdoors, in a meaningful way stays with me. George Wyllie could make things happen! And his legacy testifies to that.


Kenny Munro

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