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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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My favourite of George's sculptures is The Spire, a small rock held in a rope cradle balanced by a long thin metal pole like a divining rod. Currents in the air rock the metal which animates the stone. The Spire is a kind of cosmological navigation device, a totem, a connector between heaven and earth. George knew about asking good questions; in a spirit of (non)sense and imagination, he checked he was on the right path by asking the sculpture of his quivering horse in his garden. George knew about plugging into the cosmos in a positive way, a Scottish shaman. He nurtured the knack of honouring the cosmos from his Gourock garden overlooking the Clyde just as much as when he floated a paper boat on the Hudson in New York. What more ? Humour; humanity; warmth; wit; playfulness.


Kate Robinson

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