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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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I first encountered George's work at A Day down a Goldmine. The thing that stayed with me most was seeing that George could create momentous art using either serious or humorous means - or both. Later, George took some of us from the Visual Arts Studio, along with students from Berlin, to Rannoch Moor to build a sculp?ure. That trip has also remained as a powerful influence. I graduated in ceramics, my work based on the Rannoch Moor theme; I now use textiles, but try to return to that theme whenever possible, finding different ways to express the ideas - with George's influence at the back of my mind. Most of my work now is making animals and I know I can let them be humorous even though I am quite serious about them. And I never stop questioning!


Karen Suzuki

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