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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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In 2004 I was fortunate to work with George in reprising "A Day Down a Goldmine", George was at first curious to what working with Disabled performers on a much loved work of his would bring to his ideas and script he was very open to a different approach and as with his sculptural work he was aware that art is living thing and does not have to be contained within buildings as they can become the mausoleum of ideas that challenge us.

One of his comic notions for the play was that it wouldn't begin after the audience had sat down but as they hung about in the foyer.

I was tasked " in character" to usher the unsuspecting audience in and build on their expectations pretending that I was issuing safety warnings about the "mine" they where about to enter.

I remember George laughing with joy at watching audience members duck as I told them on the way into the darkened theatre to " mind yir Heids !! " on the non existent beams in the mine with that simple moment he taught me there is nothing more powerful and beautiful than our imaginations I am privileged to have stood next to George for wee while and been a player is his living art.


Jim McSharry

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