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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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I first met George Wyllie in 1974 when George was a Customs and Excise Officer who made loads of sculpture when not on duty! He didn't just make sculpture in the ordinary way - in clay, wood or stone - he made huge metal Dragons out of shiny metal car bumpers! After learning how to use welding equipment he was soon making amusing peacock sculptures by welding old knives and forks together, a tornado from piles of dustbins and later made a locomotive out of straw! George's work always surprises and more often than not has a large helping of humour. You could never feel sad looking at a George Wyllie sculpture. Sometimes it has a serious message and makes you think but more often it pokes fun at how silly the world can be. George Wyllie used humour as a weapon.


Dawson Murray

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