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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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I first met George Wyllie at a metal fabricator yard in Greenock, where I'd gone to order metal brackets for a glass sculpture. A grey-haired bunnet-wearing man who looked like my grandad was on his hands and knees, shouting instructions and scribbling on the floor with a piece of shipbuilder's chalk. Finally he looked up and I recognised George Wyllie, drawing out his latest idea. It was 2002, and he would have been 80. George wasn't like normal grandads. He had energy and passion, which drove him to create amazing, thought-provoking pieces of work. He once punched me in the chest and said he thought I needed to 'push myself harder'. I'd more to give as an artist, he said. He was right. I will always thank George Wyllie for pushing and punching me.


Alec Galloway

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