The Why?s Man

"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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Dawson Murray, artist You could never feel sad when looking at a sculpture by George Wyllie. Using humour as a weapon he'd poke fun at how silly the world can be.
Janice Forsyth, broadcaster George's work usually makes me smile, but it always makes me think. It inspires you to ask questions, make connections, make your own art..?
Kenny Munro, artist George might have said - it's part of the equilibrium of living? Leaving time to chat about the world's big questions, play music, have a laugh at life's joys & absurdities.
Donny O'Rourke, writer Be suspicious. Even of suspicion. GW was a wonderful scul?tor. No question. And a pOet. O yes. Homo Sapiens means Wise Man. And the Whys Man was a great advert for the species.
Dorothy Bruce, writer Gourock George proved to us that our backgrounds, our histories, were important, legitimate parts of our experience that could be drawn on with pride to shape our work.
Fergus Thom, film-maker

An inspirational man. Discovering his art is like discovering a piece of treasure: you want to keep it to yourself but also tell the world!

Jan Patience, journalist


He asked questions. His art reached out beyond the galleries and touched ordinary people with a simple directness that was never simplistic.
Karen Suzuki, artist I make textile animals. With George's influence I know I can create serious work by humorous or serious means; and to keep questioning!
Kate Robinson, artist George Wyllie? Humour humanity warmth wit play
Matt Baker, artist Art = means 2 end - not end in itself. George knew a smile was a powerful way of making a moment people could share + see essence of things
Pauline McLean, broadcaster Poet, playwright, scul?tor. Made an art out of questioning everything. Loved burds. And ruffling feathers
Robyn Hunt, actor George's production of A Day Down A Goldmine was clever, irreverent and witty, full of jaunty musical interludes and an abundance of funny facial expressions! A pleasure to be involved in. Accessible entertainment for an audience who likes to think.
Fiona Hyslop, MSP Scotland's a richer place for George, an advocate for all things Scottish. His art was deeply rooted in Scotland, about and for the people.

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