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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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Meet Matthew. At school, he had been finding out about George Wyllie and Matthew asked his mum if she would take him to see some real George Wyllie sculptures during his school holiday. Here are his reports from the Wyllie sculptures around Glasgow, from Stones of Scotland, in Edinburgh and from some of special events during the WhysMan Festival.


Glasgow and Edinburgh

@ The Running Clock, Glasgow
@ Monument to Maternity, Glasgow
@ Bon Aubegre Hotel, Glasgow
@ Vital Spark, Kelvingrove, Glasgow
@ Riverside Museum
@ Stones of Scotland, Edinburgh


Reporting on the WhysMan Festival

@ Big Clyde Questions Marks
@ Finniestone Crane
@ Scottish Parliament

@ Exhibition with First Minister, Alex Salmond

George Wyllie Education Initiative

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