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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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The Sweeney family with George Wyllie eagle scul?tures, October 2012

As well as using this website to find information and photographs about George Wyllie, there are many of his sculptures in Scotland and the Glasgow area, in particular, has a range of them in and around the city centre. Parents might want to consider taking your children to see them.

In October, 2012 Matthew Sweeney (second from the left) was appointed as the WhysMan Junior Reporter and he and his brother and sisters, all pupils at St Fillan's Primary School, Renfrewshire, spent their October Week finding Wyllie scul?tures in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and finding out about them.

Wyllie's art can be enjoyed by children (and adults) of any age, and the Sweeney children drew pictures of what they saw; wrote reports about it all; took photographs; made a video and wrote poems as they went, singing George Wyllie's Paper Boat Song and building a lot of paper boats between them.

"It has been a fabulous week. The kids loved every minute of it", said their mum, Claire Sweeney.

There are Wyllie scul?tures- outside of galleries - in many other places in Scotland too, most of them out of doors and easily accessible.

The Junior Reporter's George Wyllie Tour
Wyllie Scul?tures outside the gallery
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