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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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- And talking of the quiet life prompts me to leave this goldmine for a while. Dammit, we've only just got here, you will say.

That's true - but we will only leave it in a journey of the mind so count yourself down and mentally blast off for an imaginary trip to the Moon. We will now contemplate the wonder of our Planet from afar - let's see if Galileo got it right.



Calling Mission Control... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (helmet on head) From this dress circle in space, we can see our energetic friend the Sun, switched-on and simply bursting with therms nurturing us on dear old Earth - absolutely free of charge.

And there we are - the great human race - wee individual energy cells powered by what the Sun by way of Earth has given us for dinner that day. It's bubbling away inside us and generating the energy for us to make our scritch-scratch on our planet.

Dammit, it looks as though our stomachs are rumbling outposts of the Solar System!

I fear the first men on the Moon also managed to wax poetic inside their gold foil space suits and declared like me that they actually like the look of the place for whence they had come.




I mention this distant view of Earth for two reasons. One is simply to remind us that we are often unkind to our planet, and we shouldn't be, but the main reason is to remind us to stand well back and look at what we're doing to it. To stand well back - thank you for the confidence you have given, Galileo.

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