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During this trip I have referred on occasions to the Original Earth Guarantee. This is the guarantee which came along with our planet when it was brand new - when we took delivery of it from Universal Creations. We would like to study the terms of this Guarantee - have a look at the small print. Just look at the conditions of that Guarantee... We really didn't need to tinker with temples and gods and treasuries and shrines and sheep and goats and Great Bum Steers. And still we are seduced by classic columns straight from Ancient Greece, supporting pediments to undeserved respectability. Look, you can see through them.



No money-lender's home is complete without some! There is perhaps an excuse for the ancients, who put it all together on behalf of their invented gods, and we will never know whether they were fooled by it all - but we might ask ourselves if WE are.



It was The Flying Karamazov Brothers who said, "Remember, it doesn't matter how you get there if you don't know where you're going (Pause)- it doesn't matter how you get there if you don't know where you're going." First of all, to anyone who would deny the truth or untruth of this theory, there is a new Delos. Ten centuries after footbinding in China, that same clever country nourishes the complete update of the sacred isle - Sheep/Goat, Temple/Bank, Right/Left, West/East, - Hong/Kong.

The Gleam of gold is the give-away. The silly shining ingot betrays the primitivism in the enterprise which controls all enterprise. Oh my darling Clementine, how can we prosper?

It's parable time again - let's have the quick one about the T.V. set which didn't work properly... Now, there was a man basking in the sun who thought he would switch on his T.V. set to see if it was shining there as well. "Dammit," he said - for he couldn't see the ads because wavy blue lines were running across the screen. A television circuit diagram was Greek to him, but he knew that the wavy blue lines were not the blue Aegean. His set was not working properly - and so he called the service department. They sent an engineer and he did fix it.

The teaching of this parable is... You don't have to know how a thing works in order to know that it isn't working.



Who then can fix our planet?

Workers of the World Unite? - that's a hazy picture you're getting down at the Social Club.

Business Men Unite? - it seems they're too busy twiddling the credit controls.

Politicians - Unite? - the very words are embarrassed by being put together.

And quite beyond the politicians are the Bankers - the modern moneylenders with modern technology. They could land a credit card on Mars - but, as a matter of great interest whatever happened to old-fashioned usury?

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