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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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GEORGE WYLLIE born on Hogmanay, Glasgow, 1921; Went to school there;

Strangely influenced by green-horned wind-up gramophone;

Wore a red blazer - thought all the world a holiday camp; Sometimes wore a kilt; Reminded me I was Scottish;

Disadvantaged by happy childhood;

Played ukulele at 10; Double bass at 18; First tune -Tiger Rag-; First gig Old Govan Town Hall;

Good but elusive education;

Office boy in docks; Saw ships;

Dejected engineer in Post Office; A safe job;

Love affair second-hand cars;

Engineering at last; Unknowingly saved from impracticability by Royal Navy; Electrical Artificer 4th Class; Trained to engineer everything; To war 1942; World cruise HMS Argonaut early 1944; Return from Med for victuals late 1944:

Met Daphne out of school; Married Daphne; Joy:

At sea again 1944-1945; V-E Day in Philippines: British Matelots strike matches to celebrate: U.S. Navy fire rockets; Visit Hiroshima;

Hurry home after war; Cosy;

Become customs officer 1948; Instant surrealism; Protect revenue in Glasgow then Prestwick; Escape to Ireland; Play cowboys and Indians with smugglers on and boundary for four years; Performance art; Learn to sail, Carlingford Lough; Kinetic art,

Back in Scotland assist Daphne with issue of two daughters; Louise 1950; Elaine 1954; Protect revenue in Greenock 1959; Settle in blue gold crystal Gourock where I live to this day; 14 ft. sailing boat up and down Clyde for 10 years; Avoid nuclear subs; Ashore only for meals; Cuddle daughters; Double bass; 'Clubmen with Pauline' Saturdays Bay Hotel; candlelight; Daphne; The revenue; Dogged again by happiness.

Decided time for art 1965; Everything suffers; Sold boat: Daughters difficult; Sneaked things into exhibitions; Founded Scul?ture movement; One-man shows; Resigned 'Clubmen with Pauline'; Accepted by Glasgow School of Art Jazz Band; Closest I got to training;

Leave customs 1979; Install veranda and patio doors; Intend paint house soon; Look after Louise's dog for four years; Visit Aunt Mol in Largs then 95; Travel abroad Thompson Hols; British Council, Scottish Art Council and Demarco spiral; Name-drop fairly well now; Kind George Rickey and Edie invite me to Hand Hollow, N.Y.; Great art release; Why couldn't this happen in Perthshire?; Rediscover ukulele; Begin to invent the Spire; Discover Scotland.

Commence pursuit of Question-mark; Catch sight of it in 1980; Now all art questionable; Agree with Beuys sadly deceased "art has not begun"; Keep beginning: Signs of involvement many monuments exhibitions home and overseas; Play A Day Down a Goldmine; Motion picture The Whys Man; Everything real and or unreal; Examples the Berlin Burd, The Straw Locomotive and the voyage of the Paper Boat; (Latter engined by a powerful question-mark); Naturally and constantly involved in random unscripted performances passing as daily life; Confrontation of absurdity by absurdity; Pataphysical pursuits; Absurd to explain.

Energy flows between the polarities of celebration and criticism; I erect many and varied Spires; Everywhere; All compromise to nature; Visible invisible; They celebrate the place on which we all stand...

George Wyllie, 1991

Scul?ture Jubilee, 1966-1991 (Third Eye)

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