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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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"Public Art is art that the public can't avoid," Joseph Beuys


A small selection of George Wyllie's work... out of the gallery...

Beuys Spire, Rannoch Moor (1986)
The Straw Locomotive, (1987)
Berlin Burd, Berlin (1988)
An Assembly of Robins, (1988)
The Paper Boat, Glasgow (1989)
Motherwell Tree, Motherwell (1990)
Monument to Cricket, India (1991)
Bangalore Bikes, India (1991)
Life Cycle, Manchester (1991)
Letterbox Project, Lewis (1991)
Antonine, The Legendary Engine, (1992)
Truce Goose, Islay (1993)
32 Spires of Hibernia (1994)
Wally Dugs, Glasgow (1994)
Glasgow Speug, Glasgow (1995)
Kilpatrick Bicycle, Finlaystone (1995)
Difference of Hiroshima, Glasgow (1995)
Ro-Ro, Campbeltown (1996)
Running Clock, Glasgow (2000)
Wee Hauf' Puffer, Islay (2000)
Stones of Scotland, Edinburgh (2000)
Salmon scul?ture, Coleraine (2000)
Monarch of Auchmountain Glen (2000)
Monument to Maternity, Glasgow (2004)
Vital Spark, Kelvingrove (2006)
Scottish Parliament Garden (2012)
Kvaerner, Govan


Deep Litter

George Wyllie Scul?tures in Glasgow...

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