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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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Ro-Ro, Campbeltown
Nordic Commander

George Wyllie had a great interest in Vikings. The shapes of Viking ships appear regularly in his artwork. He liked what he described as' their 'aspirations not to dodge uncertain adventures'.

He wrote a song about Vikings, and co-wrote, as well as appeared in a drama production with Donny O'Rourke,The Kerrerra Saga, in which the Viking theme was a central part. The sculpture on the left, Ro-Ro, which is located at the new quay in Campbeltown, was created in 1996, the same year as The Kerrerra Saga was written. It was part of a project with the Art & Design department of Campbletown Grammar School, and as with many of Wyllie's works involved a variety of people, including Argyll & Bute Council, the Arts Council, Campbeltown Shipyard Ltd and Edmund Nutall Ltd. The title is taken from the type of ferry which could be take cars, the Roll-on, Roll-off ferry, and can also be a reference to Vikings rowing their boats.

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