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"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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In 1984, George Wyllie spent some time at the Rickey Foundation in East Chatham, New York and exhibited at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts. His Incomplete History of Transportation in America, included many trains, and boats.

He also created a series of works, over a period of time, about Tom Mix, a cowboy hero in the early cinema. Wyllie gave this 'clean fighter, who wore a white hat' soap to fire from his guns, rather than bullets. For those growing up in 'cinema city', Glasgow, American influences were strong and instantly recognisable.

In 1986, George Wyllie's Americana exhibition went on show at Glasgow Arts Centre, with sketches and scul?tures. The following year it was at An Lanntair, in Lewis, and later that same year, at the Demarco Gallery in Edinburgh.

In 1990, he took his Paper Boat to the World Financial Centre in New York.

Like many of his contemporaries, the United States, both influenced and interested him.

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