The Why?s Man

"My art is place specific and people specific." George Wyllie

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This wiry wee character somehow makes you smile, hopping about with his foot stuck in the metal girder. Does he seem comic to you, or might he be that and more? Wyllie played with images, making people laugh, making serious statements.

He described this scul?ture as as an update of Ram in a Thicket, a sculpture that had been discovered in 1928 when archeologists dug up the piece which dates back to Mesopotamia, and some 2500 BC. The archeologist who found it called it Ram in a Thicket , because it reminded him of the bible account of Abraham looking up to see a ram caught in a thicket, and sacrificing it.

Wyllie also described his canary scul?ture as 'Caro-esque', likening it to the work of Sir Anthony Caro, who made abstract sculpture, often from found objects.

So, like many of George Wyllie's scul?tures, this wiry wee canary makes us smile. Does it do more than that?

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